1. What do I wear to your church? 
Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. We believe the Lord is more concerned with how we live our lives rather than what we wear to church on Sunday. We want you to feel comfortable in our church. Some individuals wear ties and dresses, while some choose to wear jeans and t-shirts.
  1. Does your church have nursery and children’s church?
Yes! We offer nursery and children’s church for the full hour. All our nursery and children’s church workers are background checked and have been through training on policies and procedures!
  1. What should I expect at your church?
Expect a welcoming environment. We want you to feel that you are a part of our church family. You will always hear short relevant messages about how the Bible applies to your everyday life. Pastor Jacob strives to have one simple thing that we can take away from God’s Word.  Our music style is a mix of modern, contemporary, and even some older hymns. Our service begins at 10:30am and typically ends around 11:25am.
  1. What does Nazarene mean? Do I have to be Nazarene to attend?
The Nazarene Church has three core values. First, we believe in following Christ. Second, we believe in living new lives for Him. Lastly, we believe in being missional. The purpose of our church is to teach all people of all ages to love, live, and serve like Christ. That includes you, and you do not have to be a member or Nazarene to attend. We welcome everyone!
  1. Will I be contacted by the church after?
Only if you want to be! You do not have to give us any information. If you would like, your phone number and email address can be left with an usher so that a church leader can reach out to you to thank you for your visit and answer any questions you may have.